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The New Phase of Oz

I was not entirely certain a visit to the land of Oz would be in the cards for my writing endeavors, much less result in a full novel, but here we are – two months after the release of “A Nightmare in Oz,” when the response has been overwhelmingly positive. To understand, perhaps, how the very concept of the book came to be, and what this means for my future as part of the great lineage, it becomes necessary to verbally surmise why I came to this point in the first place. As big a fan as I have remained and as loyal the fanbase has been in their continued response, this is a project that seems almost serendipidous given my trajectory as a first-class cynic.Oz, as I know it, has been an active facet of my life since the mid-80s, when both the movie and the early books colonized every untapped corner of my imagination. So thoroughly obsessed had I been with Baum’s colorful world, full of quirky characters and exciting adventures, that there was scarcely a moment when the stories of Doro…

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