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Introducing the Prideful Panther

Felines have been integral to the fabric of Oz since the very beginning, when Baum used them as supporting players in a host of his own exciting adventures. Some of these names will even be familiar. The Cowardly Lion. The Hungry Tiger. Eureka, the Pink Kitten. Bungles, the Glass Cat. Gugu, the Leopard King. And now comes the Prideful Panther, one of the four royal guardians of the Southern Wilds, who makes his debut in chapter six of "A Nightmare in Oz," providing counsel to Princess Ozma as she is trekking through the Quadling Country on a mapping mission.

To understand the origins of the panther, one must first be brought up to speed regarding the situation of his kingdom. The Southern Wilds are a long stretch of countyside in the Quadling region, the site of a host of primitive and isolated civilizations that have little to no contact with the outside world. Sometime between the events of "A Nightmare in Oz" and those of the original novels, a rebellion among …

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